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The cleaning lady

The mistress controls together with her Girlfriend the work of her maid cause she must earn money in a Hotel for the Luxury live of her Mistress. Completely dissatisfied with what the Mistress sees the maid must dress in latex and then gets fucked in bondage as punishment by both ladies. For the Fun of the mistress, she is allowed to continue her work after it in latex outfit and above all she have to cleaning the Windows so that everyone can see her in this slut dress! 

Running time  26 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  20.01.2019

Pleasure and Pain

In a dark atmosphere only with candles Illuminated the slave girl is completely defenseless fixed, blind and with a gas mask equipped in front of her mistress. Only her pierced pussy, her pierced nipples and her feet look out of the slides cocoon, but exactly these sensitive spots has the Mistress in Mind to play with. The Slut wriggles and moans as the hot wax drips on these most sensitive points of her body and yet the pussy is getting wet cause of her Excitement what her mistress then exploits directly if she want it or not the Hitachi vibrator makes her an orgasm after the next, and then the mistress will meanly catch her too to tickle. 

Running time  22 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  22.11.2018

The Maid - Hard Bondage

A life as a maid of the mistress means Anytime, anywhere for order and cleanliness The maid does not do her job according to the high expectations of the mistress it can already happen that it is a punishment one night in the strictest bondage levitating in space, gagged and defenseless to be at the mercy of everything Mistress wants do with her 

Running time  27 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  20.10.2018

Zwei Gummi Gören im Latex Rausch

The mistress wants to go to a party this evening and her 2 rubber dolls are meant to clean her wellness area. But as soon as the two are alone, they prefer to deal with themselves. They licked and fucked there wet pussies in every way.For there Bad Luck the Mistress of the house comes back to control there work. 

Running time  31 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  11.06.2017

Ein Dreier mit Folgen

The mistress want to have some After Party and went out. The Maid have the Job to clean the location for the party before. She have the strict order not to touch the bound rubber toy. But her horniness is to big, she must play with the pierced pussy from the Rubber Toy. Bad Luck that the Mistress have forget something and comes back again. Now is Punishment time for both Sluts 

Running time  24 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  11.06.2017

Sport Lesson

Today it is pussy training time. It is absolute imported that also the Vagina Muscle is strong and flexible, so the Mistress do her best to train the holes from her girls. An absolute kinky training lesson for the 2 horny sluts in the Fitness-studio.  

Running time  33 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  11.06.2017

Ex Hubby must watch.

Kandy find a new love, her Mistress! Now her Hubby is not usefully any more. So the Solution is to look him in a Chastity cage and bound him in a Rack. So he have now the best view to the 2 girls fuck each other in there hot Rubber Outfits.  

Running time  15 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  10.06.2017

Learn to be a Maid

Baroness Bijou has in her latest adventure Once again all hands full with their Little latex bitches. Rubber Doll Minxi is in her finally training as a maid. But her performance will be difficult To be desired. Here helps unfortunately only some whipping and stuffing the holes. Also and absolute Movement inability meditatively in itself Swept the errors. But it doesnt Matter what the Mistress done, the Maids pussy is still tripping about her horniness to be dressed up in her nice rubber Outfit. What shod the Mistress do with such a Slut? 

Running time  26 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  10.06.2017

Without premission of her Mistress

The little Slut Hally wanted to rub her pussy all serious without the permission of her mistress under the shower itself. Unfortunately, she is caught by the Baroness. It is an absolute NoGo to satisfy herself, only at the command of the mistress this is allowed. So as Punishment she must wear hot latex lingerie and the she get fucked by her Mistress! 

Running time  22 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  14.05.2017

She learns to ride

In order to become a good ponygirl, you need the right training and a correct equipment. The swinging horse is particularly suitable for this purpose. The more the girl rocks the harder she push the wooden phallus into her pussy. Their two instructors obviously have their fun and at the end they must give the pony a hard ride on there Strapons 

Running time  34 Min Format:  MP4 Video Date added:  12.05.2017



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